Mac vs. Windows OS – which is the best one?


Mac and Windows and the Giants’ computer and phone operating systems that have invaded every part of the world. They keep on being updated by their manufacturers coming with new antagonizing features that leave consumers in a dilemma. As professionals and experts in the IT field, we have taken a time to analyze both of them and we have something to share on which one is better than the other.

#1. Security concerns

For malware correction, Mac requires the user to input a password before the operating system is put back to normal. On windows vista, the system just changes itself without you even noticing. Mac invented the Sandboxing feature to protect computers from malware invasion a feature that has raised the security of Mac to safer levels than before. Mac systems are not invaded by viruses regularly as compared to windows. Therefore, Mac is better than Windows when it comes to security issues.

#2. Features

There are available software and bundled software in both of the operating systems. For the available software, all the features are the same except that Mac has two extra features which are logic and final cut. For basic computer users, these two products have no significant use, so users have not noted any differences. On the other hand, Bundled software, some applications are paid for while others are not on both the operating system. When it comes to features, the two operating system are competent.

When it comes to which one is best, it depends on what you are looking. If you are looking for simplicity and efficiency, then Windows is the best while if you are looking for complexity and class, Mac stands out.