The three most entertaining games of 2016


Some games were released his year that is worth your time. For the few months they have been on the market, they have received outstanding reviews and because of their thrilling nature. Below are some of the games.

#1. DOOM


DOOM is an action game that features a first shooter trying to explore the space that is still unexploited by anyone. The player is the character who fights demons and vampires trying to invade the space that is meant for him. It involves IDM features such as 3D graphics and sound high definition making the game be thrilling in all aspects. For people who would like to play it, you can download it if your PC can support it. The Id software powers it.

#2. Over watch

best overwatch characters

Over watch is a multi-first shooter game where players are divided into groups of six. The Blizzard Entertainment developed it, and it has been in the headlines for its thrilling action nature. Each character from the groups follows the heroes, Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support to shoot them and kill them so that he or she secures a place.

#3. No man’s sky


No man’s sky is an adventure game that has 3D graphics. The character tries to explore forests and mountains coming across a lot of vampires and all sorts of obstacles. It is developed by Hello Games and indie publishers. You fight on an open universe where anything can happen anytime, so you need to prepare yourself for anything. This is what makes the game thrilling even though it is not entirely developed. Players can change planets or coordinate with friends in a bid to survive.