Four fantastic cloud storage services to back up your data


Online data storage is one of the things that you should have a computer user. It is very hard, close to impossible to have your data get lost online because everything is secured by the manufacturer of the cloud services. Below are some of the best cloud services.

#1. Microsoft One Drive


This is one of the most reliable data storage that cannot lose even a single document. Once you sign up, you get 15 GB free space where you can store your data entirely. If you think that won’t be enough for you, you are added another 15 GB to put your extra files. They can back up your data if it gets lost and hackers cannot access your data because of the high privacy measures put in place.

#2. Google Drive


Here, you can link to your Gmail account and have this drive. If you have an email account, then you already have a Google Drive automatically where you can store your data accurately. This is the best thing because you don’t have to open new Google Drive account. All documents that come on your email can be retrieved back even after they are deleted.

#3. Mega


Mega Is a New Zealand company offering you 50GB free storage space once you open an account. Your data is safe because even the company itself cannot access the data if you have the password.

#4. P-Cloud


P-cloud gives you 10GB free to store your data online. You can get your data back even after you have lost it because there a lot of options to recover data if you mess up with it.

There are so many companies that offer cloud services, but very few are genuine. You need to ensure that read about it and the review it has before using it.