pokemon go android edition

The Best Android Game of the Moment

Pokemon Go, a very popular free-to-play mobile game at the moment, is easily one of the best Android Games of the Moment. Developed by Niantic, Licensed by Nintendo, Pokemon Go is a very fun and enjoyable free-to-play game based off of Niantic’s original game, Ingress.

Pokemon Go, very much like ingress, both require you to step outside into the real world and walk around to actually progress and play the game.

A new concept

catching them with your pokeballs

Catching them with your pokeballs

Pokemon Go was an excellent combination of both a very popular franchise and an absorbing, new concept of gaming in the real world. All of these factors combined are what made Pokemon Go so popular from the day it was released. In fact, Pokemon Go was the #1 most downloaded app on the Google Play store since the day it was released, and the app got over 10 million downloads in the first week, now standing at over 100 million downloads, one of the fastest growing popular games to date.

Pokemon Go consists of walking outside and catching Pokemon by only walking around your neighbourhood. You can also visit Poke-stops, which are usually placed on landmarks and other important parts of your local town. Visiting local poke-stops in your neighbourhood will give you items such as Poke-balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions, Revives, etc. which you can use for catching Pokemon in the game and healing Pokemon.

Play and discover your area

You can visit local Gyms in your neighbourhood and battle against opposing teams depending on which team you chose at the beginning of the team, being either Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.
Battling is fun in the game as you can battle against your friends Pokemon if they placed it in that certain gym and taking down gyms earn your coins in the game, allowing you to purchase items from the store.

Best of all, the game is completely free to play, with available in-app purchases for in-game items such as poke-balls and other upgrades. However, these purchases aren’t necessary to play the game as you can get most of these items for free at your local Poke-stops.